Blog Post November 2017 by Wendy Dobing

Posted on November 19, 2017 at 5.10 PM

  It's the most wonderful time of year (again)

Every year I design Christmas service fliers for a couple of churches and struggle with the design. As I've done a few years of these now so it gets more difficult every year - designers always need to come up with something new. I try to steer clear of Father Christmas, reindeer and anything whimsically Christmas.

As I am designing for churches I need to make sure there is a religious acknowledgement somewhere in the design. So there needs to be something about what Christmas is really about, ie the birthday of Jesus. Both churches seem to be happy with these final designs. The nice thing is that I was able to experiment with fonts and I used some of my own imagery and textures. It's always nice to do the practical bits too! Graphic designers are in charge of bringing the design elements together. It's always a good feeling to be involved at all stages and not to rely on stock imagery.